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A high quality book as well as the font applied was exciting to read through. This can be for all those who statte there was not a well worth looking at.

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Still, publishing a book is expensive, with necessary services such as editing, formatting and design easily running into the hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. Lee, founders of the innovative new literary studio Plympton Press —can fund their project without going broke or borrowing money from investors. Artists and entrepreneurs maintain creative, managerial, and financial control of their project, and the financing comes with no strings attached, as both Kickstarter guidelines and current law forbid sharing profits with backers.

A growing community of patrons is waiting in the wings to back the next exciting new project, he says. Before initiating their Kickstarter campaigns, Gard had drafted his memoir and Love and Lee had set up their company. Having a clear goal for a finite project gives creators a better chance of succeeding and, for patrons, alleviates the worry of donating to a project that may not be completed.

Indeed, only about 4 in 10 projects are funded.

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While the rule may seem draconian, the company sees it as an advantage: first, it reduces risk by ensuring that creators receive enough money to actually finish their project. Second, it motivates creators and enthusiastic backers to spread the word.

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And, the company says, it works. To entice backers, creators offer rewards for pledges. We have previously released […]. Follow It's just the booze dancing… on WordPress. Click the pic to visit our YouTube Channel! Search our site… Search for Follow boozedancing on Instagram To see and hear all that we had to say about this beer, click the link to our YouTube Channel at the top of our Instagram profile. To see and hear all that we had to say about these glasses and the whisky, click the link to YouTube Channel at the top of our Instagram profile.

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To see and hear all that we had to say about this spirit, click the link to our YouTube channel at the top of our Instagram profile. A foremost voice in the history of West Coast Asian-American jazz, East Coast avant-garde, and numerous anti-oppression movements, Ho has spent his life redefining the relationship between art and politics.

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This collection explores his life, work, and persona. Roberts is an assistant professor of ethnomusicology and performance studies at the University of California-Berkeley. This book by an alumna and former guest professor in the CC Feminist and Gender Studies Department describes how researchers worldwide integrated technology into studies of human sexuality in the postwar era.

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Sijapati conducted fieldwork in Nepal from , examining the local and global factors that shape contemporary Muslim identity and the emerging Islamic revival movement based in the Kathmandu valley. Sijapati is associate professor of religious studies and co-director of globalization studies at Gettysburg College.

An Introduction to Human-Environment Geography.

Co-authored by Eric Perramond, associate professor of environmental science and Southwest studies. This textbook explores various theoretical approaches to human-environment geography, and demonstrates how local dynamics and global processes influence how people interact with their environments. It examines the core theoretical traditions within the field, along with major issues such as population, food and agriculture, and water resources. Moose Lips.

They reconnected on Facebook after Betts posted a photo of a moose, and Taylor commented that he told his granddaughter bedtime stories about a moose. Danny Celebrates Advent. Illustrated by Emmy-nominated artist Jeff West, it introduces Catholic traditions celebrated throughout the Advent season.

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It includes instructions for entertaining and simple crafts for young children to make with their parents, grandparents, or teachers. Grenardo is a former teacher and principal at Catholic elementary and middle schools in inner-city Los Angeles. She also designed and directs a faith-formation program for toddlers and their parents.

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The Possibilities. John is reeling from the death of her year-old son Cully, killed in an avalanche. Her retired father tries to distract her with gadgets from the QVC home shopping channel, and her best friend offers life advice by venting details of her messy divorce.

At the urging of many fellow gardeners, Mauritz consolidated the articles into a book.