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A high quality book as well as the font applied was exciting to read through. This can be for all those who statte there was not a well worth looking at.

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USD 9. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. About the Author Clifford James Hayes began working at the age of five, as a cashier and bingo-caller in his father's amusement arcade read the author's autobiographical 'Out Of My Head' for more info on this and other absurdities. After stints as an award-winning designer he eventually set-up his own freelance design practice - ever since, he has been churning out thousands of book jacket designs for other authors, album sleeve artworks for musicians, and much else besides.

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Most of his books are for children, with twists of Pythonesque humour thrown-in to amuse their parents. Twitter: cliffordhayes. Show More. Chapter Ten - The Moon Menagerie. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Willow Grey returns to Tirlane and finds it a place of darkness and despair.

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The Lamia has laid waste to the land. Its people are in hiding, waiting for the end of all things true. Hope appears to be lost. View Product. The first in a series of Science fiction action and adventure books about Amber, a My Hero Academia. Spongebob Squarepants. Stranger Things. The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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  • The two managed to quickly dodge by jumping back, who then got into fighting stance. However, Bug's carrot was no so lucky, which fell out of his hand and was reduced the ashes by the lightening. His crying having finally died down, Joseph began carrying him as he stayed lifeless in his arms. Joseph then walked towards the bright light at the end of a hill that continued to shine down upon him It was all he could now, as tears continued to run down his face, while the young alchemist and duck followed, still holding their heads down out of respect and sympathy.

    A happy ending?

    INTERVIEW: Xenna loves performing as JoJo Siwa because she is full of energy

    Edward Elric and fell to the ground, his head covered with large cartoonish bumps and his eyes swirling around, while Donald Duck's feathers were now black and covered in ashes as he laid on the ground coughing up smoke. Edward's auto mail arm had been reduced to mere scrap metal, while Donald's mage staff had been broken in two.

    Joseph and Bugs were actually quite tired out from that last fight, breathing heavily and trying their best to recharge. Edward Elric's cow lick stood up, twitching, acting as some kind of antennae as it just received Joseph's remark to Edward's height. However, Joseph saw him coming, looking at him and pointing. While he was distracted, Bugs attacked the alchemist from behind with a mallet and slammed it down on his noggin, knocking him out ounce again. This time, hopefully Edward would stay down. I almost thought we wouldn't make it out of that one alive!

    Bugs then looked over to the side lines, and saw what appeared to be a raging storm not too far from their location You mean there's still something else we need to take down before this is over? It was no ordinary storm, that's for sure. Buuuuuut-" "Your next line will be, 'Well lucky for us, I have lucky rabbits feet! He then shrugged and smiled " You know, I owe a lot to my new tricks to you!

    Now, whadda say we make things a bit-. After fighting their way through many enemies, rivals, and monsters, it seemed the two had successfully reached the end of their bizarre adventure having finally defeated the big bad.

    It's almost supper! Wait, did Bugs Just say supper time? Joseph's eyes shot open as he put his hands to the side of his head. I completely forgot! Eh, just what did you end up forgetting anyway? Not only that, but I forgot to get her a gift! It's our first anniversary I got ya covered! Come on, if we get a move on now, we can still make it! Alright Bugs, I'm counting on you!

    Lead the way! Bugs wasted no time, burrowing and going under ground with his ears sticking out from the dirt as he did so. Joseph still wasn't used to traveling through the under ground, especially these rabbit tunnels seem to lead anywhere. Still, now wasn't the time to be picky: He jumped on in as if he was hopping from a diving board and made his way inside.

    That evening, Joseph managed to arrive albeit a few minutes late to his prior engagement to Suzi Q, sitting on a table right outside of the restaurant as the two had a traditional romantic candle-lit dinner. Everything went according to plan, with Bugs Bunny disguised as their waiter who once in awhile refill their glasses of champagne and wink at Joseph to assure him that everything was going as planned. Finally, it was time for the gift Bugs handed Joseph a red box on a platter, which excited his wife, but kind of made Joseph himself a little nervous.

    He had no idea what Bugs had picked out for their anniversary. He was not only hoping that it would dazzle her, but also hoped it wouldn't be something that blew up in her face.

    Why was I sent here?

    Sliding off the lid of the red box, the couple then both looked inside of the box at the same time A rather gloomy looking tired green frog that just stared blankly with what appeared to be a tiny cane and hat next to it which it paid no mind too. Both Joseph and Suzi blinked momentarily, before the frog let out a rather deep unnatural sounding croak that made Joseph's wife jump out of her seat.

    My present from you is A FROG? Did you catch that while you were in the woods just so you can play a prank on me? Because it's not very funny! This is no ordinary frog! It has a little cane and hat! Look, He can dance! The frog however just simply slumped, still looking exhausted and near lifeless as it slipped out of his grip and landed on her plate.

    It's on my dinner! So gross! Joseph, I can't believe you'd pull this tonight of all nights!