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I will share examples of both, using the Havasupai tribe. This will give them a brief background for our guests tomorrow.

Kafka's Metamorphosis COMPLETE unit! 44 pages w/plans!

Uqualla will perform The Night Chant with the class. The second half of the class will be used to discuss current conditions on the Havasupai Reservation with our guests, including employment, education, and crime. Students will write a paragraph about their observations. We will close the week with a closer reading of The Night Chant and Yellow Woman in class, this time with a better connection between their heritage and their present challenges.

As you honor the past of Native American culture and make a thoughtful connection with their present struggles, I want you to consider two things:. As I consider my lesson plan for the week about the modern short story in Chinese literature, I want my students to understand that change is a natural part of living. Every generation has the burden of challenging the ways of their parents and the opportunity to create and experience new ideas and things. As the week begins, I will introduce and read aloud to the class one of three short stories The other two will be assigned as homework :.

A classroom discussion about the benefits of a short story format will highlight the use of humor and irony to expose and challenge the absurdities of institutions and how this format could appeal to a frustrated society and ignite change. On Tuesday, the class will watch a video about artificial intelligence and the future. This will begin a discussion about the similarities of the changes envisioned by the Chinese writers and the technological changes on the current horizon.

A second video about current Chinese culture and a homework assignment to find an article about a social issue that challenged and changed Chinese society in the past decade will prepare us for our next meeting. The second half of class will be used to introduce broader thinking. I will read an article about past inventions initially considered crazy and share a video about a woman who spent a year reading a book from every country in the world.

As we depart, an assignment due tomorrow will be a to word paragraph about how a fictional story might introduce an invention or provide a bridge between cultures. Thursday, we will venture beyond the use of humor or relatable fictional characters as we consider what other elements are necessary for a short story to have an impact.

Topics I will lead with will include the length of the story, the chosen format, and the use of data. I will provide a video example that incorporates data in a seamless manner. Homework will be to find a historical or cultural fact expressed in any of the short stories and explain its significance. Friday, we will work as a group to create a short story that is entertaining and thought provoking.

The emphasis will not be on completing the short story, but rather on brainstorming. Topics would include:. Today my backyard is a mixture of chaos and order.

Study Pack

Warm temperatures have enticed rows of colorful flowers to burst forth with beauty and fragrance. A variety of birds are enjoying the plants and the neat row of feeders on the wall. Such tranquility beckons me to pause and feel gratitude. As I walk outside, right in the middle of a blissful morning. Within seconds, paradise is replaced with feathers and feeders flying in all directions and, to my utter horror, my dogs join, trampling the flowers in their haste to chase the naughty felines.

As I struggle to contain the once peaceful environment, my emotions have shifted from joy to loss and deep regret. I knew better. If I had only shut the door behind me…. Emotions transcend cultures and can bridge generations. We may speak a different language or worship a higher power in a variety of ways, but all of us can relate to human situations and philosophical issues. We all must decide what to do when things do not work out as we planned, how to regulate moral and sensual passions, and what it means to be a good person.

  • Handbook of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry: Recent Advances, Techniques and Applications: 5.
  • Thoughts on Powerlessness and Choice. . ..
  • Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money - 1928-Date (Standard Catalog);
  • The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka by Omar Kamal on Prezi?

What a perfect week to examine Chinese literature! The assigned readings: Classics of Poetry, Confucius, Du Fu, and Yuan Zhen, The Story of Yingying , found in the classroom textbook, contain an abundance of life lessons for high school students. If I want the attention of the entire class, I must find a way to make these ancient and foreign works relevant to their lives.

I will begin the week with a brief discussion about emotions, sharing an entertaining YouTube video about The 10 most emotional movies of all time.

Outlines for Conceptual Units

As the discussion takes shape, I will ask the students if they think people a hundred years ago struggled with the same emotions. What about thousands of years ago in another country? I will explore current book titles that one could universally relate with about feelings or conflict resolution. I will share the 7-minute video , 2, years of Chinese History at the end of class. Homework will be reading the first three poems in the Classics of Poetry and Confucius.

Tuesday will commence with a short video, Life Lessons from Confucius , as we bridge the past teachings of Confucius with modern day life. I will explain elements of Chinese culture that differs from Western views:.

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Class discussion will examine if these elements and others might influence a writer. We will conclude with a brainstorming session of other forms of universal language. My example will be nature.


Homework will be reading Du Fu and The Story of Yingying, with a focus on finding observations of emotions or nature in the reading. Wednesday will start with students sharing their observations about the reading assignment. Thursday will be a day of sharing our poetry and practicing the interpretation of Chinese poetry together. I will read selections from the textbook, encouraging class participation. Fortune cookies for all!

  1. Big Profits from Small Properties: How to Achieve Financial Independence by Investing in Real Estate.
  2. Growing Remembrance: The Story of the National Memorial Arboretum.
  3. If Only You Knew.
  4. Background.
  5. Key Questions.
  6. The Meaning of Meaninglessness.
  7. Kafka’s Axe & Michael’s Vest.
  8. Friday, we will end our discussion with a minute TED-talk video about nature and gratitude. As I sit at my desk, thinking about the themes of powerlessness and choice, my environment beckons me with subtle sources of inspiration. The faint sound of the television in the living room honoring former First Lady Barbara Bush with countless people sharing about her commitment to literacy and the almost miraculous way reading can change a life, combined with the conversation I had with my year old daughter this morning that illustrated the painful struggles in the leap from childhood to adulthood, made me aware of the urgent need to equip high school students with thinking tools for the crossroads all will inevitably encounter.

    A teacher of literature has a great deal of competition. Technology provides quick fixes for just about every situation, a phone almost replaces the need for emotional inquisitiveness. If a course is to encourage critical thought among teenagers through reading, we must find a cultural connection. A paperback copy for anyone to borrow of current young adult fiction like:.

    If the ultimate goal is to reach the student who would rather make a deal with the devil himself than read:. This systematic learning approach could be examined further with The Guest , as students explore if it is ever responsible to not make a choice. Faust could open conversations about striving with the awareness that mistakes will happen, or contemplate whether stagnation is the ultimate tragedy in life. Requiem, which paints a war-time picture many will not immediately relate with, can be brought to relevance and tucked in the mind for the unimaginable events humans universally face.

    Poetry like this reminds us that we have a choice when confronting events like school shootings, the death of a family member to opioids, or any other horrific situation. Dignity and honor can be our guiding force when grief blurs the mind. When Christianity swept across continents, Pagan customs and ceremonies were morphed into holidays. Whether passed on by preference, social pressures, or for survival, cultures have been blending and creating new traditions and norms since the beginning of time.

    The question is, can a person be grounded in their heritage and embrace a new culture without creating an entirely new way of life? On Monday, I will begin our lesson with two short videos. The first, an artistic piece about color blending:. My questions will focus on one concept: When paint colors, or food, are combined, can they ever return to their original state? As the class comes to an end, I will ask the students to guess what theme they think we will be covering this week. Cultural Assimilation: A concept in sociology in which an ethnic minority adopts the beliefs, languages, and customs of the dominant community, losing their own culture in the process.

    We will explore universal feelings like culture shock, home sickness, and how a person forms an identity. Tonight, students will research either:. This is not a formal research paper and students will be encouraged to interview members of their family for ideas. The week will close with students sharing their creative writing, revealing a glimpse of how their name reflects who they are. My hope is each student will be inspired to learn more about their heritage and significant conversations will continue within their homes.

    In the past three blogs, European and Asian authors have provided relevant insights into dealing with choice and change. Traditional and contemporary Chinese literature touched on the challenges and benefits of combining the ways of the past with new perspectives.

    As we examine Native American Literature this week, I understand that many instructors will use this time to highlight the connections between spirituality and nature. Living in Arizona provides an individual with opportunities to visit reservations and, if fortunate, to become friends with tribal people. I have the ability to invite two individuals from the Havasupai Tribe to enrich this lesson plan and give a slightly different twist to share with students, enriching the theme of bridging generations.

    Half of the class will research the customs and traditions of the Pueblo Indians; the other half will find current articles and statistics about the Pueblo Indian today Daily life, education, crime statistics, and employment opportunities.