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"some opera (esp. the aria "nessun dorma")"

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Filter Sort. Echoes, shadows and chains. Such men will drive away the Yellow Crane at last to harness the Yangtze. How they inspire our poor dry bones, put us in mind of our forgotten dreams! We send children on our crusades, we bring children our countries, right or wrong. Then we retire. Fathers and sons, let us join hands, make peace for once.

History is our mother, we best do her honor in this way. MAO History is a dirty sow: if we by chance escape her maw she overlies us.

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And yet we still must seize the hour and seize the day. CHOU You overlook the fact that hands are raised to strike, hands are stretched out to seize their kill.

Forgive my bluntness. These may be lies. Now he stands up, and the President and Dr. Kissinger follow his example. Chairman Mao is assisted by his secretaries as he hauls himself up. MAO I thought you might be overwhelmed! We can talk. CHOU Ah, who can say?

MAO No. The Chairman sees his visitors offstage and shuffles back to his books MAO Founders come first, then profiteers. They write it down Scene 3: The great hall of the people It is the evening of the first day. The Americans are being feted in the Great Hall of the People. Outside, the roof is outlined by strings of lights, inside there are tables set for nine hundred. Against the far wall a small dais supports a bank of microphones.

The American and Chinese flags are pinned against that wall. The President and the First Lady sit on either side of the Premier, their backs to the flags, and gaze across a snowy field of table linen. There is their party, there the newsmen, there the important Chinese. In the distance the vision begins to blur. The atmosphere is convivial; in that huge hall the President feels strangely joyful and lightheaded, as if this were the evening of arrival in heaven.

I love you dear. But you Wish we could send some to D.

PAT I saw a snow moon on our way here. Snow over China! Think of that! It makes me shiver. PAT It may go to my head. PAT Seriously Go on. Nixon says is true enough. I feel it in my bones. Yet the west wind heralds spring. CHOU I doubt that spring has come. PAT Take a deep breath and you can taste it. CHOU Huddled for warmth you mean? I know one statesman who thinks a fishing trip will help him land the Great White Hope.

CHOU Intelligence is no bad thing. This stuffs strong poison. CHOU A universal cure, or so we call it over here. CHOU Ladies and gentlemen, comrades and friends, we have begun to celebrate the different ways that led us to this mountain pass, this summit where we stand. Look down and think what we have undergone. Future and past lie far below half-visible. We marvel now that we survived those battles, took those shifting paths, blasted that rock to lay those rails. Through the cold night, uncompromising lines of thought attempted to find common ground where their militias might contend, confident that the day would come for shadow-boxers to strike home.

We saw by the first light of dawn the outlined cities of the plain, and see them still, surrounded by the pastures of their tenantry.

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On land we have not taken yet innumerable blades of wheat salute the sun. Our children race downhill unflustered into peace. We will not sow their fields with salt, or burn their standing crop. We built these terraces for them alone. The virtuous American and the Chinese make manifest their destinies in time.

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We toast that endless province whose frontier we occupy from hour to hour, holding in perpetuity the ground our people won today from vision to inheritance. All patriots were brothers once: let us drink to the time when they shall be brothers again. Gam bei! Premier, distinguished guests, I have attended many feasts but never have I so enjoyed a dinner, nor have I heard placed better the music that I love outside America. I move a vote of thanks to one and all whose efforts made this possible. No one who heard could but admire your eloquent remarks, Premier, and millions more hear what we say through satellite technology than ever heard a public speech before.

No one is out of touch telecommunication has broadcast your message into space. We have at times been enemies, we still have differences, God knows. But let us, in these next five days, start a long march on new highways, in different lanes, but parallel and heading for a single goal. The world watches and listens. We must seize the hour and seize the day. President Nixon and Premier Chou toast each other, then Mrs. Caught up in the spirit of friendship, the banqueters go from table to table toasting one another while the band plays old favourites.

CHOU Your health!