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Multi-site training to increase HPV vaccination uptake. The goal of this program is to train adolescent health providers in an opt-out approach to administration of HPV vaccination, followed by delivery of a motivational interview for refusers. The project will evaluate the national program while also building capacity in South Africa to analyze big data to answer important questions about the HIV treatment scale-up. Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future Global sustainable water management efforts are hampered by technological limitations,.

Manifestations of risk-taking behavior in adolescents, such as teen pregnancy and underage drinking, represent major public health problems with substantial. This study is designed to investigate the complex relationships among lifespan measures of BMI and exome and miRNA expression profiling in post mortem brain tissue. Pediatric asthma has a substantial public health burden with numerous contributing risk factors in the physical, social, and health care. Bayesian statistics: the science of rational decisions under uncertainty and its application to design and analysis of complex biomedical studies.

A Randomized, Double-Blind, and Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial

Opioid agonist therapy with methadone or buprenorphine improves pregnancy outcomes in opioid dependent women by preventing withdrawal and relapse with. This laboratory-based study assesses the potential risks, including cancer, of smoking e-cigarettes. Using cohorts from the U. The safety and risks of a wide range of environmental exposures have been and continue to be studied in relation to birth defects and complications of pregnancy such as prematurity and pregnancy-induced hypertension.

Studies utilize a large database of.

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The BU CTSI supports the development and conduct of health research across Boston University and its partners across the continuum of translation to humans, patients, practice, and population health. This multi-disciplinary initiative seeks to examine the intersection between public health and journalism when documenting and drawing attention to complex health challenges and the global response.

Implementation of a strategic plan to advance continuity of care after a pregnancy complicated by gestational diabetes. The research team is developing a new framework for the study of firearm violence within the context of gun culture. The investigators will define gun culture and develop methods by which to measure and analyze its effect on gun violence.

The team is expanding a multistate-level database on gun ownership, firearm policy, and firearm mortality, and examining the inter-relationship among these factors and gun culture. Results will provide new data to enable public health practitioners to identify strategies for addressing and reducing firearm violence.

Along with the Pneumonia Etiology Research for Child Health PERCH , this study aims to identify the causes of pneumonia and determine if vaccines currently in development will address these causes in order to provide improved pneumonia prevention. Our research group is conducting epidemiologic studies on how psychosocial factors influence physical health and functioning in community-dwelling older adults,. Research at this Center is designed to identify the longitudinal impact of healthcare work organization in order to improve worker health and safety, patient safety, and the overall delivery of healthcare.

Cardiovascular health needs more female-specific attention

Health inequities persist in the U. The major goal of this project is to improve the health status of women across the lifespan, children, adolescents, and families through the training of a diverse MCH workforce, equipped to lead efforts to eliminate health inequities. The relative abundance and distribution of pneumococcal serotypes found in the nasopharynx has changed following substitution of PCV13 for PCV7.

Safe drinking water is fundamental for public health, and while microbial contamination is a major concern globally, toxic chemical agents. The Chicago Health and Aging Project CHAP is a large, community-based cohort of older adults that was designed to quantify the burden of dementia in the US population and identify risk factors for health in older adulthood. CHW is a national network of pediatricians and public health researchers that collects data in urban hospitals with the mission of improving the health and development of young children by informing policies that address economic hardships.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy CTE is a disease of the brain found in athletes, military veterans, and others with a history of repetitive head impacts. Eight central nervous system proteins were found to be many folds higher in blood samples from Gulf War veterans compared to controls in our prior study. This study will compare these potential biomarkers of Gulf War illness in a larger group.

This project will develop new analytic methods to combine these three types of data and analyses will inform the development novel multi-level and targeted strategies to identify previously undiagnosed HIV infections and deliver prevention interventions to those most at risk for acquiring HIV. This study experimentally tests the impact of genetic and environmentally-focused risk communication messages for colorectal cancer on patterns of causal attributions and health behaviors among unaffected individuals. This project is to develop strategic plans for conducting a pilot and large demonstration project for integration of the WD-FAB.

This study has as its principal objective to develop a computer adaptive test CAT for adult patients with burn injuries. We developed a framework for designing and interpreting biomarker studies of prostate cancer, the ABC Model of Prostate Cancer. The consortium seeks to work with local and regional stakeholders to apply cutting edge science to assess and prepare for impacts of climate change in the urban corridor spanning from Philadelphia to New York to Boston.

Clinical Relevance of Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress

This study examines selected adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, as risk factors for coronary heart disease. Correlated data analysis and spatial statistics involve the use of advanced statistical methods for solving real public health problems. Some postmarketing surveillance programs have been put in place to examine influences on birth characteristics but have not examined the.

This treatment study will assess D-cycloserine as a potential treatment to improve cognitive functioning in Gulf War veterans with memory and other cognitive problems. Alzheimer disease AD is the most common type of dementia, a set of disorders characterized by memory impairment.

Identification of genetic and other risk factors and biomarkers for clinical and preclinical AD may lead to new prevention strategies. HIV-infected persons have a higher risk of a variety of malignancies due to immunosuppression or other mechanisms, and the cancer. The aim of this award is to conduct formative research on adolescent dating abuse with Black, Hispanic, GLBTQ, and Native American youth and develop a new dating abuse measurement instrument. A preclinical study designed to determine the efficacy and safety of non-toxic therapeutics that target the aryl hydrocarbon receptor AHR signaling pathway in the most aggressive forms of human breast cancer.

Research examines the downstream implications of raw DNA interpretation services on consumers and genetic service providers. The goal of this grant is to provide an addiction psychiatrist with the necessary training to establish himself as an independent clinical investigator in the field of prescription drug misuse. A series of studies examining the measurement of maternal mortality in the U. This K-award, in collaboration with the Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies, is focused on understanding how the scale-up. Electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are cast as both the hero and the villain in public health.

Some evidence suggests. To address high levels of loss to follow up from HIV care and treatment, South Africa intends to roll out a package of interventions as part of its National Adherence Guidelines. The purpose of this study AHEAD Study is to test the effectiveness of a primary care-based disease management program for alcohol and other drug use disorders.

Vitamin E Benefits - Besides Skin Care There Are Many Other Vitamin E Benefits For Men & Women

Epidemiologists typically study health effects of exposure to a single exposure. We are developing and applying methods for analyzing many exposures. Investigating head and neck squamous cell carcinoma risk and survival focused on exploring the role of HPV infection, epigenetic factors, gene-environment interactions, and occupational exposures. This project evaluates the contribution of PCBs and dioxin-like compounds to decreased immune responses to childhood vaccines in children living on the Faroe Islands.

We are working to develop innovative statistical tools to monitor the incidence and transmission dynamics of Tuberculosis, the leading cause of infectious disease death globally.

Intermittent fasting: Surprising update

The major goals of this project were to 1 describe the privacy and confidentiality concerns associated with different approaches used. For this project, the study team at Boston University worked together with partners at the Health Economic and Epidemiology Research. This mixed methods study addresses the high priority problem of inappropriate antibiotic use. Excessive antibiotic use promotes antibiotic resistance, increases. The aim of this award is to test a community-based intervention that helps children who have been commercially sexually exploited or at risk of such exploitation.

BU is developing and applying a Metrics Evaluation Framework to support Access Accelerated, a first-of-its-kind collaboration focused on improving care. Boston University is evaluating Novartis Access, a social business program to increase access to medicines for non-communicable diseases NCDs through. This goal of this project is to strengthen services for children ages with serious emotional disturbances and their families, and to provide a local planning and strategy development model that can be replicated in communities across the state.

To address high levels of loss to follow up from HIV care and treatment, South Africa intends to roll out. This project examines residential exposure of pregnant women and their young children to semivolatile organic compounds SVOCs such as flame retardants and phthalates found in many consumer products and their health effects.

Oxidative stress

The purpose of this project is to evaluate the association between exposure to traffic-generated air pollution and both incident disability and trajectory in disability within an established cohort of community-dwelling older adults. The prevalence of impaired fecundity has been increasing over the last decade and few modifiable risk factors for infertility have been identified. Fewer than half of women with a GDM pregnancy get glucose tests, and very few transfer from obstetric care to primary care in the first six months after delivery.

The Framingham Heart Study has enrolled over 15, participants across three generations to explore cardiovascular disease epidemiology. This education outreach program focuses on improving knowledge, awareness, and increasing access to genetic services as they pertain to Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD for both families and providers.

Soils sold for garden use in bulk or in bags is unregulated: there are no uniform testing requirements, leaving the. The Gulf War Illness consortium GWIC is designed to identify biomarkers of the illness and to develop targeted treatments for these ill veterans.