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By becoming self-conscious they essentially died to the Spirit and were banished from the garden. God does not commune with His children in a natural, physical way, but by the connection of His Spirit. God cannot commune with anything unholy and because of sin; Adam and Eve were now unholy. Since the deception of the serpent caused Adam and Eve to fall into sin, God would now curse the serpent and foretell of His….

The Fall of Adam and Eve

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And God gives him the fruit of the tree. And Solomon uses it to build a glorious Temple full of garden imagery.

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  5. Jesus ultimately fulfills it by finally crushing the head of the serpent, something the original Adam had failed to do. So to sum up… does this mean that Eve had the discussion with the serpent at some place and not at the tree itself, then some time passes, she goes and gets Adam, and after a discussion with him they go to the tree, she eats and then gives him some to eat, which he does. Which means that if he listened to her, he was not there to listen to the serpent. He was just with her later to listen to her.

    Jehovah gave the command to Adam before Eve was created. It is not recorded that He gave the command directly to Eve, nor does He charge her with directly disobeying him. Adam had apparently relayed the command to Eve, since she knew it. Adam did not sin in failing to instruct his wife.

    Eve chose to listen to Satan, and disobeyed her husband.

    They are listening to satan. Most of life is just a rerun of the original sin over and over again.

    The Unauthorized Biography of Adam and Eve - Trailer

    Nothing tells us this. In reality, you can perform tasks without understanding the morality of them and you can then be punished if you do not do what is commanded of you. No morality needed. Adam had no wisdom to do what you require that he should have done. That is basic morality. And by eating that fruit, they also lost the ability to eat of the fruit of life and were banished from the Garden. Yet it might be that he soon joined her, and that, even before the woman tasted the fruit of the tree, she related the conversation held with the serpent, and entangled him with the same fallacies by which she herself had been deceived.

    But Paul in that place, as he is teaching that the origin of evil was from the woman, only speaks comparatively. Indeed, it was not only for the sake of complying with the wishes of his wife, that he transgressed the law laid down for him; but being drawn by her into fatal ambition, he became partaker of the same defection with her.

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    And truly Paul elsewhere states that sin came not by the woman, but by Adam himself, Ro Calvin would say the complimentarian weasels are half right. But half the truth, presented as all the truth, is a lie. Note that Calvin then goes into the real causes much more deeply.

    If is very profitable to read the rest of his comments on this verse. All subsequent sin would be disobedience toward God and lack of trust in his goodness. In that sin man preferred himself to God and by that very act scorned him. He chose himself over and against God, against the requirements of his creaturely status and therefore against his own good.

    Some of the designers who made it happen

    Scripture portrays the tragic consequences of this first disobedience. Adam and Eve immediately lose the grace of original holiness. They become afraid of the God of whom they have conceived a distorted image — that of a God jealous of his prerogatives. Harmony with creation is broken: visible creation has become alien and hostile to man. Death makes its entrance into human history. Likewise, sin frequently manifests itself in the history of Israel, especially as infidelity to the God of the Covenant and as transgression of the Law of Moses. Almost certainly the original sin was using contraception, thus disobeying both the negative and positive command of God.

    The negative command was to not eat of the tree and the positive command was to be fruitful and fill the earth. Some of the church fathers seem to corroborate this theory as they claim even after eating the fruit there was still hope for Adam and Eve. This theory also answers the idea that Eve was fallen while Adam was not for a short while. In fact, this was never true, for it was only when Adam and Even came together in full intimacy while sterile that they sinned in an irreversible way.

    Both sinned together, though indeed Eve was tricked and Adam did not take charge. Will leave that for others. Feminism, in its current incarnation, falls under this. Now, to be able to make the claim that a group is wanting to have their cake and eat it too requires patience, attention to patterns and trends, reflection etc. It is almost like a diagnosis by a psychologist and no, I do not claim to be an expert in this field. But decades of cultural marxism, political correctness etc has led to people making bold claims.

    Gloves are coming off, so to speak. Yet in regard to the natures of Man and Woman there are rather significant differences that were used by Lucifer to produce sin into the world. I also note that your responses are typically the responses I receive in this discussion. Adam, lacking the knowledge of good and evil, lacked the ability to reason, make any kind of moral judgments, could not understand any kind of consequences obedience is good, disobedience is bad , or even what a command is, or why he should not have listened to Eve. He did not even know guilt until he knew the difference between right and wrong, which is why he hid himself when God came looking.

    Anyway, the consequences of eating the fruit come with the curse God places on Adam and Eve, and that point is the beginning of sin. Before that point Adam was an automaton, a Pinocchio.

    I will also say this, that God, being Omniscient, knew beforehand exactly what would happen, put the trees in the garden, and let all the events happen. Your analysis ignores the principle of Sola Feels. See, because women are the only ones who can feel, they are the only dispensers of truth viz feels.

    The Seven Millennial Days of Human History

    Reaction Times. Some of this is valid, but some, I think, is splitting hairs. Listening to his wife led to the sin, but eating the fruit was the sin. Christo-feminism gets worse, Dalrock. Under Christ, we are all equal…. Moses, the prophets, John the baptist, Jesus and the Apostles spoke truth to power. We unfortunately try to be and it neither fools, nor pleases, anyone.

    This is wrong. Adam had more free-will and o intellectual gifts pre-fall than post-fall. His will post-fall was bound to some degree, whereas pre-fall his will was perfectly ordered. Genesis So God created man in his own image , in the image of God created he him ; male and female created he them.